is a Reading Hub. It is an online Rental Service for Books. It has its services on a Gujarat level with free home delivery and pickup. T&C. apply

Please refer to the 'Terms and conditions' page on You will find this link to the page at the bottom of the page.

Please call us on 7990193819 or drop a line on at Do mention your contact details. We will reach out to you as soon as possible.

You will be mailed upon confirmation of your order. In case you want to check, the transaction current status is available on "My Order" page.

You can check it in "My Order" Page.

A Cart is a virtual shopping box that shows the details of all the books that the user is ready to Buy/ Rent in the present order. The user freezes the books in the Cart and then proceeds for providing the delivery information and payment to confirm order.

Yes you can, by clicking on buy option.

Yes. You need an Account on to rent books. And it is free to make an account on you just have to go on register page and fill the contact details thats it.

The payment will be credited to your Store Credit. If you wish to take a payout, call on our costumer care number (7990193819) and we will send you a cheque.

There are no delivery and pick up charges for all orders above INR 500. If the Rental Cart Value is below INR 500, a delivery charge of INR 100 is charged. The pick up in all cases is free of cost.

The rental is charged based on your rental period. Every book is available for a different rental period after which the book will be considered to be sold.

The Initial Payable is the payment taken upfront for renting a book. It is not the rent charged to you for renting. Only the rent is charged based on your rental structure and the remaining amount from the initial payment is refunded to you.

The book is considered to be sold after the applicable renting period that you have chosen and the initial amount taken is entirely kept by

You don't have to worry about the pick-up. When you place a request for pick up, our logistics partner will pick-up the packet from your given address.

With every delivery, we send one extra packet. Just slip the books in the extra packet. The delivery related information is already printed on the packet.

Please inform us at There will be no refund applicable upon loss or damage of book and it will be assumed to be sold to you.

You can ask for a pick-up by placing a pick-up request by clicking on "Return Order" in the My order. Please follow the steps that follow thereafter. Or call on our customer care number (7990193819).